Drone Visual ID

LightCense – A low-altitude identification system for UASs


ightCense is a new technology the uses visible color blink sequence to create an identification system. The major advantage of this system is the fact that no device or receivers are necessary to identify to code. It just just a matter of look at a drone for few seconds and memorize the sequence. It is similarly to cars license plate, with the advantage of a recognizable range up to 500 ft in day light, the code can be controlled by software and its simple installation.At the same time, it allows the use of camera devices, like smartphones, to capture the code just using an app.

Just few key features:

LED Array

An array of color LEDs that can be seen by more than 300ft, blink a Id code to visually identify the aircraft without any special equipment.


Basic sensors to capture and store telemetry data during the flight, so in case of a crash, it works as a black box.

A radio transmitter (ADS-B, Xbee or Wifi) to send the Id code and last GPS position through radio, allowing automated identification and long-range detection.
Internal Battery

The standalone battery keeps the box on and transmitting for 1 hour even after a crash incident, helping the pilot to find the crash site.

Creating solutions to enable responsible robotics

We’re a high qualify team of engineers developing systems for a safer and responsible airspace

Aislan Foina, PhD

Electronic Engineer, specialized in embedded systems and radio identification

Prof. Raja Sengupta

Transportation, wireless communications and inertial navigation for vehicle systems

And thanks to people that helped us

Tabata Gerbasi
Paulo Ferreira
Ariel Foina
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